Glycóliss™ Xtending Spray

Glycóliss™ Xtending Spray

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The latest product in designer haircare from Rejuvenol. Offering anti-frizz, shine, and repair benefits for your client's hair. Hair will not be weighed down by any build up. This versatile spray can be used as a stand-alone styling aid. Expertly formulated with a mixture of conditioning polymers, submicron silicons, botanical extracts and vegetable protein.

Conditioning polymers minimize hair breakage while building up the strength of damaged hair. The submicron silicones are better designed to deposit directly onto the hair shaft, allowing a sustained release resulting in longer lasting effects. The outer hair cuticle benefits from the reparative action of these silicones. This also helps prevent split ends. Dull, dry, over-processed hair will shine again with revitalizing botanical extracts.

Vegetable-derived proteins offer unsurpassed anti-breakage benefits for hair. Acting on all parameters of hair strength including tensile strength and cuticle abrasion, this protein's composition allows it to penetrate hair strands and rebuild from within. Hair's surface will be lubricated and protected. 

This is heat activated, to be used after washing, conditioning, and towel drying hair. Spray throughout hair and style with a blowdryer.

Available in a 6 oz spray bottle.